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“Goffstein is a minimalist, but her text and pictures carry the same emotional freight as William Blake’s admonishment to see the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour.”

— Time


“M.B. Goffstein is one of the finest illustrator/writers of our time. Like porcelain there is more to her work than meets the eye. Beneath the delicacy and fragility is a core of astounding strength.”

— Washington Post Book World


“A book by M.B. Goffstein is a beautifully simple and simply beautiful thing.”
— The New York Times Book Review

“Of course, black-and white has long had one virtuoso practitioner: M.B. Goffstein . . . She is a master of a graphic style so simple and commanding as to constitute a kind of universal calligraphy.”
— Soho Weekly News


“Miss Goffstein has added watercolor to her distinctively spare line-drawings. The result is as if a melody for an oboe had been fully orchestrated.”
— The New York Times


“You’re a real cute kid, real sweet, but get rid of that #/@! clarinet!”
— written in my 1955 high school yearbook

“The singular charm of Goffstein’s . . . stories and drawings makes her one of the few modern author-illustrators who are assured classic status.”
— Publishers Weekly


“Her books are rubies in a field planted with garnets.”
— The Saturday Review


“It’s good to have a Goffstein! She unearths the treasure of simplicity.”
— The New York Times Book Review




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